Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome Note

Welcome to the place where you will be able to spend great times, read interesting personal development articles, watching stories and experiences of people in life, get taught lessons, buy cool stuff for yourself, and define yourself among thousands of other people. The website is still under construction. If you want to join us with great life experiences, videos, and articles please don't hesitate. Send them to Waleed Abdou, the website manager, and we will post them on our website after revision. Those posts will show your names written under them. Please add your names, websites, & brief info about yourself so we can expose you to the outer world. Guys this is real. We don't need any of your contact addresses or your phone numbers, we just need to build the bridge of confidence and trustworthiness between you and us so that we would be able to serve you with love, passion and cooperation. Thanks for your patience and will be waiting for the first one to join.

Don't forget to send your articles, videos, lessons, jokes to the website manager Waleed Abdou.